Our Values

We place high value on loving and living God’s word

  • God has revealed himself through the Bible – it is therefore central to all we do
  • The Bible, with the help of the Holy Spirit, is the key to 21st Century living
  • We encourage each other to read it and apply it to our lives
  • Our discipleship and leadership development hinges on a healthy exposure to Bible based teaching and training

We desire a lifestyle of worship and devotion to God

  • We believe that true worship is about loving and seeking to please God in all we say and do
  • Meeting is important but worship is a whole life expression
  • As we depend on the Holy Spirit in this, we are transformed into the likeness of Jesus
  • A healthy prayer life underpins our lives and ministries

We seek to be a vibrant and loving community

  • In Christ we are part of the family of God, so we aim to please God through trying to live in harmony
  • People matter to God, and they also matter to us – We make ourselves accountable to each other and serve one another
  • We want to build a church where God’s truth is shared through all generations as we grow, work and learn together
  • Central to our approach is the equal expression of our church life in both the large (congregation) and in the small (Small Group)
  • The Gospel is Good News.  We aim to reflect this being innovative, culturally relevant and compelling in all we do

We strive for a church where everybody is actively involved

  • God has, through the Holy Spirit, invested His grace and gifts in all his people.  This means that every member has a unique contribution to the life of the church
  • We believe the prime purpose of leaders is to envision, equip and encourage all church members in the service of God. Consequently we seek to recognise spiritual gifts and encourage their use

We play our part in God’s mission locally and worldwide

  • God’s main desire is to see people come to love and worship him.  The mission of the church is to work with God in giving people the opportunity to respond.
  • We pray, plan for and expect church growth
  • We seek to find ways of introducing God to others through positive relationships built up with  those who have yet to come to faith, and through appropriate presentation of the truth of the gospel
  • Communicating the good news of Jesus and acts of service go hand in hand – we seek to provide practical expressions of God’s love to people in need
  • Where possible, we seek to work in partnership with other Christians and churches in the area
  • Though our main mission remains within the locality of our church, we support, send, and are partners with other parts of God’s global church